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Stabilised power supply EKO – 9512T3,6 12–14V/3,6A

Stabilised power supply EKO – 9512T3,6 12–14V/3,6A

Product description :
Power supply is mounted into white powder color-coated steel box. Functionality is signalised by LED diode. For output voltage regulation is used trimmer located on PCB. Output stabilised voltage can be adjusted in range from 12Volts to 14 Volts. Secondary side is protected by varistor. Stabilised outputs are protected by six fuses. Each fuse has value 1Amper.. Total output current is 6x0,6A or 1x3,6A maximum!

Note. All outputs have same value of output voltage(12-14 Volts)!!! If current draw 1x3,6A is required, it is strongly required to change output fuse to 4Ampers and leave other outputs unused!

Warning: » input 230V ~ on connectors marked : L N PE » power supply is by factory preadjusted for 12V.

Thanks to using modern components has power supply more than 30% lower power consumption than classic power supplies.

Input Voltage 190 to 250V~
Weight: 2,2 Kg
Dimensions: 175x120x80mm
Max. power: 50 VA